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Sarah Ellis has worked for Raintree HOA for the past four years. She reports to me and manages our subdivision.

Sarah is a bright and personable individual. She is highly self-motivated and well capable of any goal she sets her mind to and ones that she is tasked with. She has managed our property and finances with professionalism, skill, and a wonderful work ethic. She truly understands the job. Sarah is also a good people person with a great personality. She is a professional at what she does and I have an excellent working relationship with her.

Sarah often puts in late hours and gets things done, done well, and done on time.

Sarah is a valuable asset to the Raintree HOA and would be an asset to any HOA that hires her.



Justin Winkler

President, Raintree HOA



I strongly recommend Sarah Ellis for any job that requires quick thinking, great organizational skills and a pleasant demeanor when working with people. I had the pleasure of working with her when she served as a property manager coordinator for the Red Feather Subdivision.

She juggled everything we threw at her making our jobs easier, by helping our subdivisions to increase responsibility to our home owners. While with Red Feather, she responded immediately to any and all concerns or emergencies we had, even on the weekends. Sara was so adept at communicating her vision that it was ultimately adopted and embraced.

Sarah was efficient and effective in her professional role, but also took the time to engage with a genuine interest in how we were doing. I wish and hope our paths will cross again, as you could not ask for a more kind and friendly individual.


Any company that hires Sarah Ellis would find their money well spent.



Adam J. Flaherty


Red Feather Subdivision



Sarah, is an incredible person as well as great at the profession she is in. If we worked with people like her on a continual basis, business would be simple; her attitude and ability to be the kindest person you will ever know make her one of the truly gifted and class acts in her professional arena. She is the most positive and motivational force I have ever been around. I am certain there is no end to her future accomplishments. It's a blessing to watch, as a CEO/President of a small company who works with many in her profession, she is without a doubt, a beacon of light in the fog. ​

Scott Poor, CEO/President Bottomview Pool Service