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Association Services

Park Pointe Management Services, Inc. has been providing property management to Associations of all sizes through the Treasure Valley since 1984.

As a management team, our function is to facilitate communication, solve problems, and act as customer service representatives for each of the entities involved in the association: Developers, Builders, Homeowners, Board of Directors, Committees, City/County Officials, Vendors, etc.

We often work with Developers from the start of construction in order to facilitate a seamless community foundation. By keeping the Homeowners and Builders aware of what is transpiring within the community, we provide them with knowledge and understanding.

Our main charge as a property management company is to assist in the day-to-day operations of the Association. Each is a non-profit organization that has unique management and administrative needs. It is our privilege to take care of the daily operations through the following processes:

  • Full bookkeeping
  • Accounting, banking, and financial planning
  • Maintenance of corporate documents
  • File annual reports
  • File income tax returns
  • Collection of dues
  • Collection of late fees & lien fees
  • File liens
  • Liaison

  • Work with title companies to assure ownership
    is properly transferred
  • Prepare operating budgets
  • Work hand-in-hand with the Board of Directors
  • Host quarterly Board of Directors meetings
  • Attendance of annual meetings
  • Collect bids for maintenance contracts
  • Oversee vendors
  • Perform monthly site inspections

  • Preparation and sending of violation letters
  • Follow up of violations and complaints
  • Architectural control and approvals
  • Oversee and enforce subdivision Covenants,
    Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs)
  • Welcome letters to all new homeowners
  • Newsletter preparations
  • 24-hour emergency answering services